I am so glad you are here. We all need to put extra focus on our health, both physical and mental. At  Silver Compass Counseling, LLC., I focus on the individual. That means in a holistic and functional way, we (you and me!) search out your individual strengths to guide and support the deficiencies that often are obstacles in our health and well-being. This journey will trek through nutrition, hydration, emotional regulation, stress resilience, physiology and movement and relationships as well as spiritual blockages and purpose. All are extremely important to our well-being and all work together in a systemic way to help us stay healthy, grow and develop.

*New News*

I am very excited to be partnering with True Health Labs to help clients take control of their health. Here is a link to check out what tests are available to help you understand your health better.


*More Exciting News*

Starting in 2023 I began certification process for QHHT sessions. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique provides a new healing modality for clients to heal by understanding built up emotions held in the body in the individuals past. This is recognized through an extensive counseling session followed by a hypnosis that takes the client to their past either in this life or a past life (past life regression therapy) to work through emotional blockage that is not not accessible through traditional counseling or medical practices. This is a very exciting healing journey for by myself and those clients who seek true introspection, spiritual guidance and physical healing. At this time I am finishing up as a Level 2 Practitioner.

I look forward to working with you.

Wava M. Morrow, LPC, Functional Mental Health Practitioner

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